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Effective management requires effective strategies. Teamwork and pro-active participation of every project stakeholders are the basic ingredients of our dictum ” Partnership in Motion “. The intricacies must be broken down into simple, understandable, executable and acceptable norms of the best practices in the Project and Construction Management services. We are highly trained and certified to lead and provide the call to action of any challenges your project is facing right now.

F.E. SANTIAGO MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY believes that the future of project success of timely delivery in the circle of cost, quality ,safety and scheduled-program are a product of shared experience fostered through teamwork and flatness to innovation as we always operate under the principles of worth, integrity and confidence.


Your project deserves more than the best potential design results in terms of its functionality, practicality, stability, flexibility, adaptability to present and future growth and must command respectable aesthetical value in the community where it is planted.

From small to large scale projects, our principal …

F.E. SANTIAGO MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY twenty-three solid years of experience still makes us hungrier as years goes by due to the flexible trends of needs and wants every client appetite has for their future generation thus we are continually acquiring new sets of skills and expertise, networking with the big players where vast developments are rising.

The combination of the seasoned and young but promising core of architects, engineers, special allied trade designers and strong link with master planners and specialty engineers are our way of ensuring the next project you have in mind will be handle within the standard duty of care and within your preferred corporate cost parameters.


Time, Quality and Cost are the three basic measurement of any type of project undertaking, add up the contractual management rolled into package we understand the value of each part of a whole that made up a chartered project. We partnered with one of the reliable’s when it comes to Quantity Survey.

With DREMT ENTERPRISES , we can assure to you the cost and tenders are competitive and updated adding value to your project through pro-active leadership in procurement, cost management and reporting.


The Corona Virus Disease 19 Pandemic is bound to wreck havoc in our society in terms of the present way of living we as human have used to. Spatial Literacy Controls is the NEW NORM of the 2020 and beyond, covering Administrative, Engineering and Infection Control level of quality standards is a must and one of the best way to address the comprehensive guide to your project needs.

Green Building Design components and sustainability design patterns are here to bring forth to your building doorsteps the necessary practical wisdom and technical expertise referenced to the measurable rating systems as provided by the PhilGBC and BERDE set of standards.


Complacency is one of the top reason behind work-site incidents, regrettably even before the full operations of construction started. Stay focus with your business plans by commissioning the services of the professionals in the field of Controlled Demolition. Old structures and facilities have it’s own history and through its’ own story we can determine the necessary methodology through careful analysis and execute the step-by-step destruction and disposal accordingly.


All the properties are worth a second look. Improving it’s actual state being is one of our technical services that always brings out the best from us, the small dose of pain in transforming your idle properties into something that you can be proud of, produces an amplified reason of our existence in the built industry. No projects are small or large when it comes to ideas to put it in adaptive reuse.

We can always discuss you needs and see what’ are the potentials ahead of it.


Your business as how you’ve perceive it right from the start must be guided by business principles and sound accounting system. It relies on creative and practical projections year after year. We are a family of hard core professionals where accountancy becomes a norm since the second generation, Certified Public Accountants are your your right partner where the book of accounts becomes irreconcilable with the facts and projections.

  • Project Cost Monitoring
  • Setting Up of Accounting Systems
  • Payroll Preparation and Filing

Don’t let every penny go down the drain, don’t ignore and neglect tiny losses and make every effort counts.