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Berlin D. Pili

Berlin D. Pili

Berlin D. Pili is a motivated architecture student from the Technological Institute of the Philippines- Quezon City with a high level of creativity and imagination through design analysis. He has the ability to communicate ideas through written, graphic and oral means
in an organized and articulate demonstration through presenting papers, design critiques, and boards.

Prior to FESMC, he participated in different art competitions and commissioned artworks at a very young age and works in 3D modeling and visualization with the supervision of professionals.

Being an intern at FESMC was a great stepping stone that will give him the opportunity to interact with the aesthetic and functional design aspects both creatively and scientifically. He has a strong desire to expand his knowledge, skills, and learning to the real world of the
construction industry and bring exceptional ability to employ creativity in the design processes.

Key Skills /Strengths: 3D Modelling and Visualization, Manual Drafting and Rendering and Leadership